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We are here to help you with your painting needs. From matching existing colors to designing a color scheme to consulting on your fashion dreams for your house, we're here to make your paint dreams a reality. AJP Painting Company is here to paint for you and is what we do!

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  • ​​Interior Painting in Nashua             
  • Exterior painting in Nashua            
  • Residential  Painting                   
  • Commercial  Painting                  
  • Move-in/move-outs         
  • ​Drywall Repair                
  • ​Sanding & Preparing      
  • ​Faux Painting      


AJP Painting Contractors

The AJP Painting Company has been in town for over 30 years, so rest assured that our staff has the experience and helpfulness you are looking for. We are happy to assist you with any of your interior or exterior painting needs. We are the affordable painting contractors all about you! 

We are Painting Contractors in MA

Dracut, MA Painting Contractors
Tyngsborough, MA Painting Contractors
Dunstable, MA Painting Contractors
Pepperell, MA Painting Contractors
Groton, MA Painting Contractors
Townsend, MA Painting Contractors
Westford, MA Painting Contractors
Chelmsford, MA Painting Contractors
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Some of the cities and towns we offer painting service are listed below and you can visit our service area page.

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AJP Painting Company, 491 Amherst St Unit 22C Nashua NH 03063 

Exterior painting questions to ask Archie during the paint job free estimate walk around:

  1. Why should you hire AJP Painting?
  2. Will you listen and do what I ask?
  3. Are you fully licensed and insured?
  4. Are your painters polite and courteous?
  5. Are you trained for ladder safety?
  6. Can you help and guide me with exterior painting plan?
  7. What about my scrubs, lawn cover and trees?
  8. Do you offer exterior painting warranty?
  9. What types of exteriors do you paint?
  10. What brand of exterior paints will you use?
  11. Will you use water based or oil based paints?
  12. Will you use brush, roller or paint sprayer?
  13. What if my house has a moisture problem?
  14. Is my exterior paint job going to peel?
  15. Will you scrape exterior down to bare wood?
  16. Can you paint over exterior vinyl siding?
  17. How much will my exterior paint job cost?

You can ask Archie as many questions as you can think up and he's sure to answer them all. To learn more about exterior painting, please click: Exterior Painting

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Interior Painting Contractors

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Power Washing
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Garage Floor Coating
  • Flood Damage Repairs
  • ​Painting Services

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​​​AJP Affordable Painting Contractors

AJP Painting Company

Painting Contractors

Owner: Archie Petuck

Address: 491 Amherst St. Unit 22C Nashua NH 03063

Phone: 603 -557-0983

Website: www.ajppainting.com

Hours: 7:00AM - 6:00PM, Closed Sunday

​Email: joe@ajppainting.com

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We are Painting Contractors in NH

Nashua, NH Painting Contractors
Manchester, NH Painting Contractors
Merrimack, NH Painting Contractors
Amherst, NH Painting Contractors
Hollis, NH Painting Contractors
Milford, NH Painting Contractors
Hudson, NH Painting Contractors
Bedford, NH Painting Contractors
Londonderry, NH Painting Contractors
Derry, NH Painting Contractors
Pelham, NH Painting Contractors

Interior painting questions to ask Archie during the paint job free estimate walk around:

  1. What interior painting services do I need?
  2. What is your process for interior preparations?
  3. How will you handle wall preparations?
  4. Do I need a wall primer and how many coats?
  5. How many coats of paint do I need?
  6. How will you paint interior woodwork and trim?
  7. How will you handle job-site clean up?
  8. Do you offer fair and accurate estimates?
  9. How will you protect my interior furnishings?
  10. How much will interior paint job cost?
  11. When do I have to pay the money?
  12. Will you help me choose paint colors?
  13. What do you use for painting tools and supplies?
  14. Will you use canvas or plastic on floors?
  15. What types of interior paint do I need?
  16. Will you tint the primer?
  17. How will you leave paint area overnight?

There must be a hundred more questions to ask Archie, you get the idea right? To learn more about interior painting, please click: Interior Painting


  • W​​all Paper
  • Pressure Washing
  • Power & Hand sanding
  • Trim Restoration
  • Wood Work
  • Interior Decorating
  • Popcorn Removal
  • ​Floating & Texturing

AJP Painting Company Has Been Around the Block

We have painting experiences and painting stories by a real painting company. We have the good, bad and ugly painting contractor stories. We strive for painting perfection! We will do our best to deliver your paint job on time and within budget. We will strive to do our best and deliver you the best quality painting job possible. 


Now is Time To Get Exterior Painting Scheduled for Next Year

It's the perfect time to get all of your exterior painting needs accomplished. It's time to get your house protected before the snow flies and bad weather sets in. Call for a free quote and estimate today by the best affordable painting contractors around.  

Archie Joseph Petuck Started his painting company a long time ago, and he is probably more passionate now than he was back then. Archie has always catered to customers and the employees. Archie is a great guy, painter and painting contractor. Archie will do your painting work great and he is a great company to work for. 

I know Archie as an uncle, friend, employee and as his employer. Archie is always the same guy that cares about people and a job well done. Archie is the painting contractor that cares about painting where the customer can't see or isn't apt to look. On top of the cabinets, behind the stove, refrigerator and or toilet, Archie will be looking there to make sure your job is complete.

Make Up Your Mind To Hire: AJP Painting Company Today And Right Now!    

If you are deciding between painting contractors right now, which company it will be to finish your painting project on time, with in a budget and with the highest quality painting results, then I recommend and guarantee the results for the painting company Called: AJP Painting Company.